Securing a safer community in partnership through maintaining Law and Order, doing effective investigations, detections and prosecutions. Above all being professional, innovative and responsible in conduct.
The RPNGC is part of the Law and Justice Sector of the government of Papua New Guinea. It is headquartered in Konedobu, Port Moresby, the capital city, in the National Capital District. The Police Commissioner with his two Deputy Commissioners have responsibility for organisational functions and management.

Crime Prevention with Community Policing

Maintaining Law and Order in Partnership with the Community

Maintaining public security, conducting highway patrols. Maintaining and protecting project sites and combat and reduce sorcery related killings.

Investigations & Prosecutions

 Maintain quality investigation, detection and prosecutions of offences

First response to report of crime, and response to crimes that threaten National Security through Networking and intelligence gathering.

Leadership & Accountibiliy

A highly professional and accountable organisation.

 Ensuring accoutability for courouption and the abuse or misuse of power.
Also work towards redicong claims the state regarding police misconducts

Specialist Support Services

A well-equipped and professional police services.

Building Human Resource capacity and creation of innovational skills through modern technology

"securing a safer commuity in partnership"