Commissioner of Police.

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Despite the overwhelming challenges, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary’s will and determination to protect and serve the people of Papua New Guinea continues undiminished.

In line with the government’s objective of increasing the Constabulary strength up to 10,000 by year 2017, the Constabulary is now recruiting new intakes but our biggest objective now is to get the restructure recommendations approved by the government and simultaneously accelerate the construction of more infrastructures nationwide to accommodate the increased manpower and resources.

Our nation’s socio-economic growth and expansion depends largely on a stable economy encouraged by good governance, increased productivity within the resource sector and more competitive spin-off activities for our people. To achieve such goals and objectives, there has to be peace and good order in our society, and the investment climate must be conducive.

My vision is to redeem the Constabulary and restore discipline and pride in the hearts and minds of policemen and policewomen. The barrage of adverse media reports on social and mainstream media has brought the image of the Constabulary into disrepute. The continuous incidents of abuse by policemen have created a feeling of animosity between the police and members of the public. My management is committed to rebuilding this trust and confidence of the public in the Constabulary and build a new relationship based on mutual trust and understanding and respect for the law and authority.

Police work in Papua New Guinea is tough because our people are tribally and culturally acquainted or connected, aggressive and more often defiant but as professionals I expect policemen and policewomen to be tolerant, fair and honest in the dispensation of their duties and responsibilities. The Constabulary under my leadership will train and shape leaders who can understand the issues confronting our people and firmly apply the laws without infringing on the rights of our citizens.

This year (2017) the National General Elections will be staged in the country and thereafter the nation will host the APEC meeting in 2018. With these huge national and international events coming up, the security challenges facing the Constabulary are indeed massive but I am confident that the government will provide the necessary funding and support to ensure the RPNGC provides the best security for these important events.

I want to remind our fellow Papua New Guineans that peace and good order in our societies can only be effectively maintained if every citizen regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or social status decides to take ownership of this huge responsibility.

I call on all Papua New Guineans dwelling on our beautiful islands across our great oceans, on the mountain tops, in the valleys and across the length and width of this great nation to embrace change and make a difference for our country.



Commissioner of Police