Police Investigations into Hanuabada shooting almost complete, says ACP Crimes Isouve 

The tediousand long running criminal investigations into the Hanuabada shootings in whichtwo men were killed and two others critically injured is almost completed, accordingto the head of the Constabulary’s Criminal Investigations Division, AssistantCommissioner Victor Isouve.


“The onlything left now is the ballistic match between the bullet fished out of thevictim’s corpse and the bullet casings retrieved from the crime scene,” ACP Isouvesaid.


“The policeofficer suspected of using the firearm at the time of the shootings has beenidentified and will be arrested once the ballistic tests are completed.”


On 23 January2015, police allegedly discharged gunshots into a crowd at Hanuabada villagekilling a man and injuring two others.


The shootings sparkedpublic outrage and attracted international media coverage and condemnation fromall sectors of the local and international community with many critics alsoaccusing the police of deliberately stalling the investigations.


Mr Isouve saidall police investigations usually take longer to complete because witnessstatements and forensic examinations need to be meticulously compiled to makethe case coherent and admissible in court.


Mr Isouve saiddespite having lack of manpower and resources the Constabulary’s CrimesDivision is doing all it can to investigate and prosecute major crimeshappening across the nation.


He said fivesuspects implicated in the Tatana shootings were arrested and charged and thesixth suspect is now on the verge of being arrested and charged as well.


He said theCrimes Division receives a budget of K3 million every year but this isinadequate because much of this funding is lapped up by outstanding courtcases.


Mr Isouve saidthe funding is quickly expended due to the unpredictability of court cases andtherefore other state agencies such as the Public Prosecutors office shouldconsider sharing the cost of paying for court witnesses travels.


The AssistantCommissioner also stressed the importance of resourcing the Constabulary’swater police unit with operational boats to combat sea piracy which is becomingrampant in some maritime provinces including NCD.


The AssistantCommissioner also urged the Provincial Governments and elected leaders to assistpolice by purchasing boats and fuel for police water operations.


25 August 2016 
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