Police discipline process to undergo major revamp 

The discipline process within the Royal PapuaNew Guinea Constabulary will go under a major reformation after the completionof a week-long Commissioner of Police Conference in Kimbe, West New BritainProvince.


Commissioner Gari Baki said the lack ofdiscipline has been a major impediment to the performance and progress of theorganization in recent times.


He said there were many underlying issues inthe administration of the discipline issue and the discipline symposium inKimbe is intended to identify these issues and rejuvenate discipline issues forthe betterment of the constabulary.


When giving out the overview of the workshop,Commissioner Baki said discipline has been one of the major topics of theorganization and the outcome of the conference will give him the best wayforward as to how they will reform the issue of discipline.


He also said the use of firearms within theConstabulary is also a major concern.


“I am contemplating on an organizationwithout firearms. There are 49 different types of firearms the constabulary isusing it right now. We were trained to use sidearm and shot guns but when theyoung constables come out, they are already in possession of rifles which theyare not properly trained to use,” he said.


He said it is becoming a habit when policepersonnel are more confident doing their job with a firearm then without one.


The preparation of the National Electionsnext year will also be discussed during the week. During his overview,Commissioner Baki said he has already made his stand that the 2017 NationalElections will not be coordinated from Police Headquarters but rather, it willbe controlled by respective Divisional Commanders in their respective commands.


“We won’t be sending troops from outside toassist in the election. This will now depend on respective Divisionalcommanders to take carriage of all those members within their command. So DivisionalCommanders and PPCs, you have a mammoth task to prepare yourself for the nationalelection in your own command,” he said.

07 December 2016 
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