Frontline Supervision Course-Vanimo 

A front line supervision course was conducted in Vanimo town by theBomana Police Training College trainers for 3 weeks in late March 2017. Attendedby 23 police personals from within Vanimo town the remote districts of WestSepik Province as far as Bewani the border station between PNG and Indonesia.


The front line supervision course covers areas from police stationcommand and control delegation of responsibility, prompts attendance to publiccomplaints and being responsible for preserving peace and maintaining the lawand order in the surrounding communities.


The Bomana Police College has embarked on this course in order to trainpolice personnel in the provinces to upgrade their knowledge in supervisorylevel in their police station. It will benefit the policemen and women bytraining them at their provinces because of the cost are factor. It is cheaperto fly instructors out to the provinces rather than flying police personnel’sto Bomana Police College.


Most police personnel attending this course were impressed and someadmitted that when they passed out from Bomana Police College they had neverattended a refresher course as such. Being posted to some remote station in theWest Sepik Province they were not given an opportunity to apply for suchcourses.


The Bomana Police College Commandant Chief Superintendent Perou N’dranouwho officially closed the 3 weeks course told the participants to apply whatthey have learned.

He said the public are aware of their constitutional rights and with themedia being very critical with every mistake policemen and women do while carryout their duties.   


“If the public are happy with your role in the community you serve thanyou are doing well, but if they are not happy then you have failed assupervisors to command and control your officers” said Mr Perou


He stressed that the Police Commissioner has stated that 2016 and 2017 isthe year of Police Discipline.  Anypolice officers found to have breached the police code of conduct will be dismissedfrom the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.


A policeman Senior Constable Anton Sibily is based at Bewani station aremote part next to the boarder of Indonesia is very happy to attend thiscourse to assist him carry out his role as police officers.


He also urges the RPNGC to introduce the Bahasa language course forpolice officers posted along the Indonesian boarder. This will enable them tocommunicate with the Indonesian community living along boarder.


09 April 2017 
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