Police Commissioner Baki receives new police station in Wapenamanda  

Police Commissioner Gari Baki took delivery of a brand new police stationand a new police vehicle in Wapenamanda District of the Enga Province lastweek.

The police station and vehicle was the support given by the local Member ofParliament and Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Rimbink Pato through hisDistrict Services Infrastructure Program (DSIP).Commissioner Baki, Foreign Affairs Minister Pato, Assistant Commissionerof Police for Logistic Tony Duwang and the Provincial Police CommanderGeorge Kakas were in Wapenamanda to officially receive the new policeinfrastructure and vehicle.

Two new police stations are still under construction in the Lower Lai and Tsakvalley. Both buildings are expected to be completed before the end of June.

The people in the Tsak valley were without a police station for the last 25years after a tribal fight which saw the closure of the police station andwithdrawal of police officers.

The Police Commissioner was pleased to see the local member and thepeople’s cooperation to bring police presences back into the Tsak valley.

He told the crowd that he was no stranger to Tsak valley because he spenthis young days in the early 1970’s as the commanding officer of the Engamobile squad. He was based in Konemanda to curve tribal fights in the valley.

During the visit the Tsak valley local councillor and landowner gave fivehectares of land in the Tsak valley to the Police Department as an incentiveto bring police services back into the valley.

Police Commissioner Baki instructed Assistant Commissioner Duwang toimmediately send his officers to survey the land boundaries and prepare theland to construct police barracks and other police facilities in the valley.

At the Wapenamanda station Commissioner Baki told the crowd to cooperatewith electoral officials and the security forces in the coming 2017 NationalGeneral Election and make it their business to have a safe and free election.

Foreign Affairs Minister Pato has pledged his support behind the Law andJustice Sector to make Wapenamanda District a peaceful and safe place inthe Enga Province.

10 April 2017 
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