Police Investigation and Skills Boost  

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary has been given a facelift by theAustralian Federal Police through the upgrading of the Interviewing andQuestioning course manual for the Bomana Police College.


Mission Commander handing over Bruce Giles handed over the 4thedition titled “Investigation, Interviewing and Explaining” to Bomana CollegeCommandant Perou’N’Dranou.


While receiving the materials, Commandant Prou N’drnou said the AFP willcontinue to assist whatever the essential skills that RPNGC lacks in effectivelycarrying out its constitutional duties accurately.


Mission Commander Bruce Giles when presenting the course materials toBomana Police College Commandant Perou said the compiling of this book indeed aboots in the police work especially with Investigation, Interviewing andQuestions of crime suspects.


He said most of the cases filed by the prosecutors have never beenprosecuted.


Mr Prou said, “For the past years most of the cases which were filed byprosecutors have been struck out by courts because of insufficient evidence.


“Now that we have these upgraded course materials in place willdefinitely ease the hardship that the Constabulary is facing in the nearfuture, Commandant Prou concluded.


07 August 2016 
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