DCP Admin Commends Kerema Police  

One of the successes of staging a major event are thepeople behind the scenes.


They came as early as dawn, from the outstations, bydinghies and via Trucks.


Families all banded together to ensure the success of theevent and to show support for their PPC, and the people of Gulf.


DCP Jim Andrews in a small but significant ceremony,commanded the policemen and their families of their efforts in staging a successfulevent. .


He said the success of the event lies with the men on theground and recognizing that he congratulated the men and PPC Gulf for a jobwell done.


Furthermore, Mr Andrews assured the command that thehierarchy was is doing their best in making sure its member’s needs areaddressed.


A public private partnership is in place with thegovernment to build 6000 more houses.

He said the government is committed to address Law andOrder as well as improving the standard.



14 September 2016 
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