Baki: Partnership vital in combating Law and Order 

Partnerships is vital in combating Law and Order. Thiswas the sentiments raised by Commissioner of Police GARI Baki while receiving housingand vehicles from Houn Gulf MP Ross Seymour.


Baki said the initiative by Seymour is timely andcomplements police bids to build police capacity in the districts and locallevel government areas.


It also boosts Governments aspiration to build policestrength and capacity to 10,000 in 2018.

He said the police did not have enough money to facilitateall its activities in the provinces, but as allocated through the DistrictServices Improvement Programme, Law and Order is given funding.


Three police houses, two at Nadzab and one at Zifasingand three vehicles were donated and officially handed over to PoliceCommissioner Gari Baki.


He urged all Provincial members to look into Law and order,and help fund provincial police.


He said while the onus was for him to maintain policingand police infrastructure, funding was a big problem, but the onus now is foreach province to look into its Law and order issue, and prioritise.


He thanked the Houn Gulf MP for realising the importanceof building that partnership, and hoped other MP’s will follow .


09 April 2017 
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