Commissioner assures Bougainville of RPNGC's commitment in building the Bougainville Police Force. 

Police Commissioner Gari Baki assured thepeople of Bougainville of its support and its firm commitment to the policeforce in Bougainville.


He said this during a visit to the village of Kesa, a three hours’ driveout of Buka town.


Mr Baki said the main reason for hosting the Commissioners conference inBuka was firstly to appreciate that the RPNGC has a responsibility to buildback the police service in Bougainville and to formalize the appointment of thefirst female Assistant Commissioner Joan Clarkson to Bougainville.  


He said that the police force was here during the Bougainville Crisisand much of the police activities were disrupted during the event.


 It is hoped that the conferencebrings back the confidence of the police and to bring assurance to the peopleof Bougainville of its commitment under the leadership of PPC Francis Tokura.


“Police force too bin stap lon Bougainvilleinsite long crisis, na planti samtin e bin bagarap. long karim officers blo melong hia, me like bringim back confidence blong ol pepol blong Boungivilleblong police force long kam back , na sowim olsim mepla e supportim PPCBougainville  Francis Tokura  long wok blong em lon hia”.






23 November 2015 
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