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The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is the national Police Force of Papua New Guinea. Since 1888, it is the result of the amalgamation in 1942 of the former separate Police Forces of Papua and New Guinea. Under the Constitution of the Independent State of PNG, the Constabulary is subject to the control of the National Executive Government through a minister.

The Constitution states the primary functions of the Constabulary are to preserve peace and good order in the country and to maintain and enforce the law in an impartial and objective manner.

With over 130 years of history, its culture is rich and varied. The Constabulary has played a significant role in the development of PNG which celebrated its 47th Anniversary of Independence in 2022. The Constabulary and its officers were a major asset to the allied forces in resisting the Japanese occupation of New Guinea during World War II. The Lae War Cemetary holds the names of 13 police officers who lost their lives during the war, with many others at the Bomana and Kokopo War Cemeteries and others throughout Papua New Guinea.

Today the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is part of the Law and Justice Sector of the Government of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. It is one of the three disciplined services along with the Papua New Guinea Defense Force and Papua New Guinea Correctional Services. Its headquarters are located in Konedobu, a suburb of Port Moresby, the capital city.

It has approximately 6,000 sworn members and will be increasing its strength to 10,000 by 2030. The Constabulary is headed by the Commissioner of Police, supported by four Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners who have responsibility for organizational functions and regional command. This Constabulary is Responsible for Laws and orders over an area of 462,840 square kilometers and a population of approximately 9.5 million.