Internal Affairs

  • The Internal Affairs is the watchdog in the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, and so the Directorate’s role is to ensure that the integrity of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is maintained through an internal system where objectivity, fairness and justice are assured by intensive, impartial investigation and review.
  • This is to assist the Police Administration in maintaining the public trust by conducting Independent administrative investigations of officers involved in criminal activities, use of force incidents, or violations of departmental policies or Police Act 1998 and the Constabulary Standing Orders or other Papua New Guinea legislations in relation to Criminal Laws or any other laws that breaches the Constabulary’s proper code of conduct.

The responsibilities of the Directorate includes:

a). Conduct independent investigations at both National and Provincial level into complaints by members of the Public against the Constabulary or its members.

Types of complaints to include, allegations of:

    i. Police brutality

    ii. Police inaction

    iii. Police corruption

    iv. Unlawful detention

    v. Other unethical conduct

b). Conduct independent investigations within the Constabulary as directed by the Commissioner upon request by the following offices:

  i. The Ombudsman Commission

  ii. The Public Solicitors Office

c). Conduct Departmental investigations for the Commissioner in response to Ministerial Enquiries or Complaints.

d). Conduct independent investigations into any other matters within the Constabulary as directed by the Commissioner.

e). Record all disciplinary matters against the members received at the Police Headquarters and to carry out the following functions:

  1. Represent the Commissioner in all Police Appeals Tribunal Hearings.
  2. Confirm or vary penalties imposed against members on Minor Disciplinary Charges.
  3. Determine appeals against finding on, minor disciplinary offences.
  4. Maintain an up-to-date record of all disciplinary matters and trend of discipline generally.
  5. Other matters directed by the Commissioner from time to time.

Service to Public:

  1. Receive Complaints from the Public and have it Register,
  2. Provide advise to the Complainants/Informants system and processes  
  3. Attend to the Complaints by Conducting Independent Internal Investigations on the allegations laid,
  4. Take appropriate action both administratively and criminally based on evidence gathered through the investigations
  5. Prosecute members arrested and Charged Criminally
  6. Conduct awareness on Community responsibilities in law and order issues

Advise to Public:

  1. In every Divisional and Provincial Commands there are Internal Affairs office established commonly known as Internal Investigation Unit (IIU).
  2. Public are encouraged to register their complaints in any Internal Affairs officers located in their locality or Police Headquarters through the office of the Commissioner and Director Internal Affairs.
  3. Public complaints are important mechanism is control police behaviors. It is through such that will determine the destiny of policing services.
  4. Public are also advise to bring genuine complaints as it will help the Constabulary in managing its discipline system. Bad complaints or complaints that are baseless are discouraged as it will serve no purpose.
Location & Contact: 
Headquarters at Konedobu, and all Provincial Commands  
Internal Affairs Directorate Police Headquarters,
P.O. Box 85, KONEDOBU, NCD                                                                              
Land Line:-   (675) 3226 412 / 3226409 / 3226445 / 3226410