Drug and Alcohol

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) recognizes the serious impact that drugs and alcohol can have on individuals, families, and communities. To raise public awareness of these issues, the RPNGC has dedicated a section of its website to educating the public on the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

The use of drugs and alcohol can lead to various criminal activities, such as theft, violence, and road accidents. It is essential that every individual is aware of the dangers of substance abuse and the harm it can cause to oneself and others.

The RPNGC takes the issue of drugs and alcohol seriously, and we have implemented various programs and initiatives aimed at reducing their impact on our communities. Our officers are trained to detect and respond to drug-related offenses, and we have increased patrols in high-risk areas to prevent drug trafficking and distribution.

We also understand that education and prevention are key in addressing the issue of drugs and alcohol. That is why we are committed to working with schools, community organizations, and other stakeholders to raise awareness on the dangers of substance abuse and to provide support to those who may be struggling with addiction.

In addition, we have established partnerships with local health organizations and treatment facilities to provide support and rehabilitation services to individuals who may be struggling with addiction. Our goal is to help these individuals get the help they need to overcome their addiction and to rebuild their lives.

As citizens of Papua New Guinea, it is important that we all play a role in addressing the issue of drugs and alcohol. By working together, we can create safer and more secure communities for ourselves and future generations.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the RPNGC or local health organizations for support. Together, we can make a difference and help create a safer and healthier future for all.