Firearms & Safety

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) is committed to providing the public with essential information about firearms and safety. This webpage provides detailed information about firearms safety, regulations, and ownership in Papua New Guinea. It also includes resources on how to safely store and use firearms, as well as advice on how to handle any firearm-related incidents. Additionally, this page provides links to other relevant websites and contact details for further help or advice. With this resource, the RPNGC hopes to ensure that all citizens are aware of the laws regarding firearms and can make informed decisions when using them.

Firearm Safety in Papua New Guinea. It is an offence to carry a firearm in Papua New Guinea without having a permit from the RPNGC Commissioner. The following information provides general guidance on firearms safety in PNG:

It is illegal to carry a firearm with the intention of committing a crime. As a precautionary measure, all firearms require an approved permit from the Commissioner of RPNGC. All gun owners are required to be licensed by the National Firearms Office The NRA requires all individuals purchasing firearms to be certified in firearm safety and proficiency Firearm registration is not required in Papua New Guinea Gun shops are able to import weapons straight from manufacturers without any form of approval or licensing Any type of weapon may be used for self-defence only, no other purpose is permitted.

RPNGC Firearms Office

  • The firearms office is the office responsible for vetting, registering and giving license to those who wish to own a firearm in the country.
  • Provide advice on the processes on how to get a firearms license.

Client Service

  • Respond to telephone and counter queries.
  • Renew License to Carry and firearms licenses.
  • Process transfers of firearms ownership.
  • Process disposal and replacement of firearms.

If you wish to apply for firearms license;

  • Provide your correct personal information or company information.
  • Attach receipt along with the application.
  • Fill the application form correctly.
  • Always purchase firearms with license.
  • Come to the firearms office at the Ground Floor of the National Police Headquarters building for advice on the procedures of the transfer, replacement and owning of a new firearm.

Location & Contact Detail:

We are based at the Ground Floor of The Royal Papua New Guinea Headquarters Building in Konedobu, NCD.

Telephone Number: 3226145