Vision, Mission & Values


To be a professional and trusted community in partnership


Securing a safer community in partnership



We acknowledge that the RPNGC is a public service delivering organization with funding support from the national government and other partners’ support. We will maintain accountability to our stakeholders within the organization, donor partners, the community, and the national government.


We are loyal to our police service, our communities and our country. We are diligent in the performance and carriage of our duties. We are resilient and steadfast in facing the challenges of policing in PNG.


We are an organisation charged with the responsibility of delivering policing services. We do this with a focus on meeting the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders.


We acknowledge that there are people of various ethnical backgrounds, professions, and abilities and disabilities within the organisations and communities. We will treat everyone equally with due considerations and diligence without fear, favour, malice or ill-will.


Integrity is at the heart of policing. It is central to winning and maintaining community confidence and support for the vital work that the RPNGC has to do for and on behalf of the government and the community.


We strive to be highly professional in earning the trust and respect of our colleagues, partner organisations and communities by being honest, disciplined and accountable.


The RPNGC will take full responsibility for the conduct of its staff in their conduct of delivering Policing Services in communities across the country.


We acknowledge and value that collective efforts achieve more. We support and cooperate in our service to our communities.