Sexual Offences Squad (SOS)

Sexual offence occurs when your body is interfered with in an appropriate way by another person, that is when a person deliberately touches any part of your body including (by that person’s touching) your private parts in a sexual manner or way and /or, by sexual intercourse without your person.

Sexual Offences Squad can be referred to serious assaults such as those that are sexual in nature (including child sex offences).

RPNGC SOS is responsible for;

  • Receiving crime reports of sexual assaults/touching or fresh complaints of any sexual related offences.
  • Collect statements of facts or evidence. Then make arrest, and charge when sufficient evidences are provided.
  • Complete court files and attend committal and national courts and also serve court files to the offenders at Bomana/ Court house.
  • Respond to allegations of sexual offences, gather evidence/ information from the victim in a manner that contributes to the investigations, preserves its integrity, and secures their confidence and trust.
  • Also provide support and information in a sensitive and compassionate manner to victims of sexual crime and ensuring they are given timely information about the police department and agencies where available.
  • Gather evidence, record and retain material from a range of sources during initial investigation stages in a format that is evidently admissible to support the investigation process.
  • Interview victims and gather all required evidence and information within the criminal law and legal framework to bring offenders to justice.
  • Support the management of crime scenes by taking appropriate actions to ensure the initial perseverance of the scene is completed in order to progress the investigation.
  • Use designated powers to arrest and apprehend where necessary and issue special warnings, as well as carry out associated custody procedures to protect and safeguard the public in accordance with legislation and policy.

      SOS Services include;

  • Complete risk assessments and provide appropriate support and information for victims during an investigation, and provide appropriate support for victims to ensure their safety and wellbeing are protected.
  • Work in partnership with the victims to ensure they have appropriate support in place by connecting them with victims of crime and support agencies. 
  • Advise offenders on sexual related offences committed.
  • The specially trained officer in rape and sexual offence cases performs a vital role in terms of case processing, supporting investigation and providing services directly to the victim of rape.
  • Find out if there is really an offence
  • Also advise the offenders on what to expect and how to deal with such sensitive matters.   
  • Deliver more awareness on sexual related offences and educate them
  • Information and counselling for family, friends and support persons.
  • Support victims of crime in assistance the tribunal application
  • Assist with medical assistance and follow-up on medical treatment   

SOS Advise to the public 

  • Public to drink responsively at night clubs, and parties.
  • Know who you are with especially boyfriend and girlfriends.
  • Consent of any person is important (sex)
  • Inducement used by the perpetrators, cash and kind. 
  • Report sexual offence to the police and you will be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Your wellbeing, safety and respect are our priority. SOS officers listen without judgement and treat you with courtesy, respect and dignity. They respect your cultural background and any individual safety and or accessibility needs you might have.
  • Do not use compensation to settle sexual related violences but let it be settled out in courts.    
  • Never too late to report Sexual related offences