Commissioner’s Intentions

Commissioner’s Key Focus Areas 2023

The RPNGC Commissioner’s intentions are centered around three main areas of focus: growing and improving the police force, building a safer Papua New Guinea, and strengthening partnerships, governance, and accountability. This involves recruiting and training officers, modernizing the force, enhancing community engagement, addressing crime trends, and collaborating with other agencies. The Commissioner also aims to promote transparency and ethical practices within the organization to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

Police Commissioner’s 2023 Implementation Statement

The National Year of Law

The year 2023 is set to be the ‘Year of Law and Order Reform,’ as announced by the National Government and supported through the new fully funded Police Reform and Enhancement Program 2023 to 2026. As the RPNGC Executive works hard to transform the Police Force into the organization that PNG needs and expects, I hope every Papua New Guinean will join with us as we lead change.

The Government’s renewed focus on improving Law and Order is being met with relief among Papua New Guineans around our country. But considering past decades of neglect and limited funding provided to Police, I also know that some announcements will be met with scepticizm as well. We recognize the shortcomings of the past, and now with the support of the Government committing a record budget for Law and Order, we will experience positive change. I call on our people, businesses and community groups, to channel any sceptical energy into working together to bring about the change

RPNGC District and Police Development Plans

I released the Police Commissioner’s intent for the 2023 in December last year. In my intent I declared 2023 as the “Year of Law and Order”, consistent with the intentions of the Government. There are three key areas of focus for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary for 2023 and going forward and these are:
• Growing and improving the RPNGC;
• Building a safer Papua New Guinea;
• Strengthening Partnership, Government and
Accountability; and
• Infrastructure Development.
My intent is to provide every Papua New Guinean
visible indicators that policing services are being
delivered. Disciplined Police personnel, that are
well-presented and organised, using modern
technology provide greater efficiencies, have
increased accountability, and most importantly
improve police responses.
National Police HQ will drive accountability and
integrity from the top down to every police officer.