1. Papua New Guinea Police Application Form and Recruitment information

Police recruitment in Papua New Guinea has been an ongoing initiative the  Government of Papua New Guinea has put in place. The main purpose of PNG police recruitment is to increase the police force in the country.   

The Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (RPNGC) has taken the responsibility to recruit new officers every year. We provide some information on Police Recruitment you should know before applying.

2. Police Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

Those that seek to be Constables


Must complete grade 12 and obtain the original certificate

  • Must have scored C grades in Language & Literature and Mathematics
  • Must compete grade 12 in an approved and Government certified education institution
  • Must be age between 20 – 27 years old
  • Must be physically fit with no disability
  • Must be of minimum height of 158cm tall
  • Must not have any criminal convictions in the past
  • Must be a single person

If you have all the above then your application must include the following

  • A signed personal letter of expression of interest
  • Completed application form provided
  • CV personal particulars and history about yourself
  • Include an ID size face photo of yourself
  • Copies of both grade 10 and 12 certificates (Keep the original)

Three character references from people who know you personally. Your Pastor, Headmaster, Ward Councilor or any senior Government officials etc..

Being a policeman/woman is a higher calling. It is a call to serve the people. It is about respecting the public. 

3. How to apply to become a policeman or woman

Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment: Applications are open for recruitment twice are year. Usually, calls for recruitment are published in the local newspapers, or you can write directly to the headquarters in Port Moresby for the latest application forms.

  1. Write to the Police headquarters for application forms. If the application forms are available in the newspapers, cut out the form.
  2. Fill out the forms and attach two references and all your academic transcripts and certificates. 
  3. Send your applications to the address given below.

Shortlisting and Interview: If you are shortlisted for an interview, the officer in charge of the screening process will notify you either by phone or through print media.

  1. Screening: The screening process involves reviewing the applicant’s eligibility and verifying that they meet the minimum requirements for the position, such as citizenship, education, and age.
  2. Testing: The testing process usually includes a written examination, which evaluates the applicant’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and general knowledge.
  3. Interview: Applicants who pass the written examination will then be invited to attend an interview, which assesses their communication skills, personality traits, and overall suitability for the role. The interview may be conducted by one or more members of the recruitment team.
  4. Medical Checks: Applicants who pass the interview may then be required to undergo medical checks, including a physical examination, to ensure that they are in good health and physically able to perform the duties of the role.
  5. Physical Fitness Test: Applicants who pass the medical checks will then undergo a physical fitness test to assess their physical abilities and endurance. The fitness test usually includes exercises such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, and a beep test.

If you successfully complete all these processes, you will be shortlisted to undergo training at the National Centre of Excellence, Bomana for 9 months.

4. Contact for police application forms, recruitment and queries

The address for the police recruitment is given below. You can use this address to do the following:

  • Request for the latest police application form, 
  • send the complete application forms and documents
  • For applications and general queries. 

Write to

OIC Recruitment and Selection
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
Police Headquarters
P O Box 85
Konedobu, NCD

You can also call the phone:  322 6100 /3211222

5. Tips for successful application Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment

The best way to apply for the PNG Police Recruitment is to get as much info as you can. Once you know what to do, you can do it right the first time. So, call or write to the police HQ or, better still, contact the recruitment officer directly. 

When you deal with recruitment officers (or proxies) DO NOT pay a bribe. This is a community service – the officers are public servants – and they’ll help you. 

Attach all the necessary documents. Take your application to your teacher, pastor, policeman, magistrate or senior citizen to check before you make the submission. When you have submitted the application form, follow up immediately. Ask when the selection list is coming out.

Hope this helps you when you are applying for the Papua New Guinea Police Recruitment. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.