News Release: 04th March 2024

The Member for Goroka, Aiye Tambua MP, has been arrested and charged with 26 offences relating to alleged sexual offending against children and family members.

In late 2023, Police received a complaint of alleged persistent sexual abuse by Aiye Tambua MP.

A thorough police investigation ensued, overseen by the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Specialist Operations). This strict oversight supported investigators to conduct a thorough investigation, despite efforts by external actors to interfere with the investigation. This safeguarding mechanism demonstrates RPNGC commitment to investigating all offences thoroughly, irrespective of the suspect’s position within the community.

The investigation into this matter has been thorough and unrelenting. Investigators were supported with technical advice from the PNG-Australia Policing Partnership.

In keeping with a victim-centric approach to crimes of this nature, Police supported victims in obtaining Interim Court Protection Orders at an early stage in the investigation.

As part of these investigations, police had repeatedly sought to interview Mr Tambua, however the accused employed a range of legal measures to avoid questioning. Notwithstanding such attempts, Investigators remained committed to a thorough investigation of these serious allegations.

Today, Monday, 4 March 2024, Mr Tambua attended at Police Headquarters in answer to a request for an interview. M.r Tambua was subsequently arrested and formally charged with twenty-six (26) counts of criminal offending of a serious sexual nature.

In accordance with laws relating to serious sexual offending, Bail has been refused by Police and Mr. Tambua has been remanded in custody pending a Court appearance.

The RPNGC takes a zero-tolerance approach to offences against vulnerable members of our community. Victims of such offences are encouraged to speak to the highly trained professionals at Family &Sexual Violence Units across the country, so that such matters can be investigated and protective measures taken.