PPC Central says discipline to be maintained in schools

The newly appointed Provincial Police Commander for the Central Province, Chief Inspector Laimo Asi, is urging students to maintain discipline in schools.
Chief Inspector Asi made this appeal at the Laloki Secondary School last Wednesday where he also warned students that he is ready to penalize those who step out of line.
PPC Asi, who is also the chairman of the Parents and Citizens of Laloki Secondary School, issued the warning to the students and informed them that the police in the province will be monitoring students who are in uniform and are chewing or smoking cigarettes inside and outside the school.
Mr Asi, who is the outgoing Deputy Divisional Commander of the National Capital District and Central province, urged the students to respect themselves and the school.
He also called upon students of schools in the Central province to maintain discipline and make sure many students make it to tertiary institutions in the country.
PPC Asi, who is also a board member of Sogeri School of Excellence and Patron of Rigo-Abau and Central Students at the University of Papua New Guinea, said he wants to see more Central students enter tertiary institutions next year and onwards.
He said whilst the teachers at the respective schools are doing their best to educate the students, disciplines must be the responsibility of parents.
“Parents must make it their responsibility to teach their children good behaviour before they go out to schools. Since I am now the Provincial Police Commander of Central and being a local, I want to see students discipline in all the schools throughout the province. I won’t hesitate to arrest and prosecute ill-disciplined students. We have to take tough actions on students at school so they will behave and produce good results, so we have good elites in the future,” Mr Asi said.
PPC Asi who recently graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), said he wants to see more Central students going to tertiary institutions and graduate with such. He also added that as the PPC of the province he will also be visiting schools to make sure that the funds that are given to schools are used for their intended purposes.