SOE Controller Yamasombi announces establishment of Call Centre for the State of Emergency

Monday, January 15 2024

(TOLL-FREE NUMBER- 1800 500)

ACTING POLICE Commissioner and Controller of the State of Emergency (SoE) Mr Donald Yamasombi has announced the establishment of the National State of Emergency Call Centre at the Marauta Haus at Waigani today.

Mr Yamasombi said callers can call the SOE Call Centre hotline number 1800500 to report any complaints relating to the recovery of stolen items or report an SOE-related concern or crime.

“We will have eight lines dedicated to the public on a 24-hour basis until January 26th 2024 to assist the people with their queries. Staff manning the call centre will provide SOE information on the spot as required.

The Controller said during the SOE period members of the security forces, especially police and the PNG Defence Force will be heavily engaged in the National State of Emergency operations so the people are given the assurance that someone will be there to listen to them.

“With the establishment of the Call Centre, we are giving confidence back to the people. Their concerns and complaints will be heard and we will act upon them if and as

necessary,” Mr Yamasombi said.

Meanwhile, the public NCD and Central Province who have items that were looted and are in their possession are encouraged to bring them to the nearest police station or they can call the toll-free number to the location so the message can be dispatched through the radio for security personals to retrieve.

“Whilst I acknowledge those that returned the stolen goods, others still holding them must have some sense of guilt and surrender the stolen goods.

I also appeal to the security personnel not to take advantage and take these surrendered stolen goods home,” Yamasombi added.