News Release: 07th March 2024

A 51-year-old Australian male facing child sexual assault charges, who caused a siege and threatened suicide with a knife in Port Moresby on 25th February, remains under police guard in hospital awaiting charges being laid.

Commissioner of Police, David Manning, called on parents around the country to come forward if they have concerns that the suspect may have had contact with their children during the four years that he has been in PNG.

This foreigner has travelled extensively in PNG and we want to know if this alleged sexual assault on 25 February is one of other assaults to be discovered,” the Commissioner said.

“He can claim his innocence until proven guilty in the Courts, but fi he has hurt children in our country we want to know and bring the full force of the law upon this person.

“The man facing sexual assault charged is a 51-year-old Australian male who had worked in the engineering sector over the past four years.

“Sexual predators are a menace in society and we all have a part to play in stopping them and bringing them to justice.

“This is a reminder to all parents and community members not to sit by if something suspicious is going on, but intervene and stop the abuse of the most vulnerable in our communities.

“Sexual crimes are far too common around the world, and we all have a responsibility to intervene to prevent and stop such predatory offending.”

“Protecting our most vulnerable is the responsibility of all of our community. Parents, teachers, community leaders are empowered by law and custom to protect our children and vulnerable. If you see something, say something.”

“If any member of the public has information relating to the Australian suspect in custody, or any other possible sexual assaults against children, please come forward and tell police”

The 51-year-old Australian man was taken into police custody after having barricaded himself inside a residence and stabbed himself several times with a knife threatening to commit suicide.

An agile police response, including negotiations and less-than-lethal force options, enabled police to safely resolve the incident and ensure the man presents no further harm to our community.

When the man is released from medical care he will be taken to a police station where he will be interviewed, following which charges can be laid in connection with his alleged sexual assault of a child.