News Release: 06th March 2024

The Commissioner of Police, David Manning, has announced an update in command positions in the Police Force that will further strengthen the delivery of security services as the RPNGC continues to rebuild.

The Commissioner said it is essential that the Police Force has the right personnel in roles that draw on their experience and capabilities to more effectively provide for the enforcement of law and order.

“Demands on police resources are evolving as the security threats facing the Nation and the RPNGC continues to adapt to confront these challenges,” the Commissioner said.

“In particular a combination of organised crime infiltration through the borders of Papua New Guinea and other countries has changed the criminal landscape and the law and order response.

“The infiltration of international criminal networks, the misuse of communications technologies and the rise of a gun culture in the country are key challenges that require us adapt how we do business.”

“In terms of direct policing, this has included dealing with the interrelated smuggling of weapons and ammunition, the movement of illicit drugs, money laundering and people trafficking for prostitution.”

One of the most notable changes is the creation of the role of Commander for the Special Policing Zone (SPZ) that is being established to rebuild law and order in Enga, Southern Highlands and Hela Provinces.

“The security environment across Enga, Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces has shifted considerably over the past fifteen years. Police and Provincial administrations working with a new generation of community and their leaders, and refocusing efforts to bring back law and order to our communities.

“This is yielding results as we saw last weekend with the arrest of a prominent business leader from Enga and his cronies, and with the SPZ Commander in place this action will be stepped up.

“A/Divisional Commander Joseph Tondo has been appointed as SPZ Commander in a role that will be concurrent as Divisional Commander for Highlands Western Command.”

In addition to the new position of S Z Commander, Commissioner Manning said the position of ACP for Internal Affairs has been created to support the ongoing governance evolution of the RPNGC into the modern world.

“Superintendent Emil Alpha has been promoted to the position of ACP for Internal Affairs tasked with strengthening and enforcing internal RPNGC governance and ethics, and the removal of unethical or undisciplined police.

“The immediate task of ACP Alpha is to lead a fearless review of the Internal Affairs Department. This is to determine what administrative and legislative reforms are required to improve the effectiveness of Internal Affairs, and to clear all backlogged matters within 12 months.”

“The establishment of ACP Internal Affairs paves the way for an empowered Directorate, to be supported by an Executive Director through our international recruitment strategy. The role of Executive Director will bring a wealth of independence and policing experience to support ACP |AD in his task of professionalising our Police Force”

Commissioner Manning said as the Constabulary combats emerging security threats, operational requirements evolve and a series of transfers have been directed that take account of specific experience and skillsets of senior police.

Promotions and transfers are a s follows:

  • ACP Rigga Neggi moves from Divisional Commander Highlands Eastern to ACP Policy &Planning.
  • ACP Samson Kua from Divisional Commander Highlands West to Assistant Commissioner assisting the Officer of the Commissioner.
  • ACP Naua Vanuawaru moves from Deputy Chief Bougainville Police Service to ACP Traffic;
  • Acting ACP Julius Tassion has been promoted to ACP, Operations. ACP Anthony Wagambi J r moves from ACP NCD & Central to become Deputy Chief, Bougainville Police Service;
  • Commander Steven Francis moves from Acting ACP Policy & Planning to Acting ACP Human Resources.
  • CSP Joseph Tondop moves from PPC Hela to be Acting Divisional Commander, Highlands West;
  • CSP Clement Dalla, currently unattached is appointed as Acting Divisional Commander, Highlands East;
  • CSP John Sagom moves from PPC Western Highlands to Metropolitan Superintendent NCD;
  • CSP Samson Siguyaru moves from Acting ACP Human Resources moves to Deputy Commander Northern;
  • CSP Benjamin Turi, currently unattached is appointed as PPC Southern Highlands Province;
  • Superintendent (SUPT) Silva Sika moves from Metropolitan Superintendent NCD to PPC Western Highlands Province;
  • SUPT Christopher Tamari moves from PPC East Sepik Province to PPC Hela Province;
  • Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Laimo Asi moves from PPC Central to Police Station Commander (PSC) Banz; and,
  • CIP George Kakas changes from PPC Enga to PSC Wabag

The Commissioner noted that the transfers are to be completed by no later than 5 April 2024 and additional promotion rounds are anticipated in the coming year.

“Alongside increased recruitment into the RPNGC and the termination of personnel that do not meet the ethical and disciplinary requirements of the modern RPNGC, additional promotions are planned this year based on performance.

“Two promotion rounds are scheduled for June and December in 2024 for personnel who demonstrate the leadership capabilities, professionalism and commitment to our code of ethics. “Criteria for promotion will be tough, fair and thorough and will further strengthen leadership in the RPNGC.”